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“Prize Day” is the first short story I ever completed, and first in a series of stories from childhood that led to my novel, “Summers” (as yet unpublished). The story is about a misfit twelve-year-old girl at summer camp with her over-achieving older sister. It can now be read in the Summer 2015 edition of Persimmon Tree (, a wonderful online magazine for women over sixty.  Hope you’ll discover the ‘zine as well as enjoying the story!

Anna’s Obituary

I’m posting my Anna’s obituary in hopes that friends who missed it in the San Francisco Chronicle, April 19, or others who would like to have this news, might come across it here: ANNA PAGE LUCAS (a.k.a., Mary Ellen McNelly) died peacefully on March 2, 2015, at Madrone Hospice House in Yreka (CA), after a… Continue Reading

Anna’s Passing

On Monday, March 2, 2015, at 3:45pm, Anna Page Lucas, (nee, Mary Ellen McNelly) my beloved partner of 35 years, died peacefully, at Madrone Hospice House in Yreka, California. For the past 14 years, Anna made her home in Mt. Shasta, California, training with the Buddhist monks of Shasta Abbey, a Soto Zen monastery founded… Continue Reading