Welcome to my blog! I plan to post my first notes from this backyard at the end of December, 2014. Then look forward to a monthly posting in the new year. (More about my snail’s pace in the first blog, coming soon.) Hope you’ll become a regular visitor, adding your own reflections on our lives and times.

Meantime, ease into the season. Last September, when I was stressing over a big birthday bash (my 75th and my son’s 50th), adding more furbelows and folderols until I wanted to cancel the whole thing, a dear friend counseled: “Simplify your intentions.” It worked — I started crossing things off my list, stuck to basics, got help where I could, and everyone had a wonderful party while I rested from my modest efforts, filled with love and gratitude instead of wanting to pass out from exhaustion. A formula I’ll use again!

Or as others have counseled, “Curb your enthusiasm.”

Here’s to the peace within!


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  1. hi catherine so good
    you are doing this
    enjoyed reading your “autobiography”
    enjoyed the rain dripping down panes and leaving a little scrim

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